Secret child interrogations carry legal risks for districts across the state.

by Savannah Hulsey Pointer and Sloan Rachmuth

North Carolina Schools are Snooping into Students’ Lives

Without parents’ knowledge, students are being required to divulge personal information about their religious affiliation, family income levels, “preferred” gender, and even sexual preferences in schools across North Carolina. Schools may be endangering children while also breaking Federal laws.

Last year, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (CMS) sent these questions to pupils in grades 6–12 as a part of a mandatory “School Climate Survey:”

Low-income students’ dream of getting a high-quality education may soon become a reality.

Republicans on Thursday introduced House Bill 32, Equity in Opportunity Act, to expand the state’s Opportunity Scholarship program. The bill would put options like private school, home schooling, and micro-schools within reach for the first time for many. The bill would also simplify scholarship programs for special needs students, and would provide an outreach program to simplify the registration process.

The bill proposal coincides with Education First Alliance’s “equality of dignity and of opportunity in K-12 education” campaign, which called on the North Carolina’s General Assembly to directly assist low-income families pay for high-quality schooling, and to provide communities with…

NCAE is led by a proud communist committed to revolution at “any and all cost.”

By Savanah Hulsey-Pointer and Sloan Rachmuth

The Tarheel State’s largest teachers’ association is led by a high school history teacher called Bryan Proffitt. Sounds normal, except Proffitt is a “revolutionary” communist working for the Chinese-affiliated group Liberation Road.

Formed in 1970, the North Carolina Association of Educators (NCAE) claims to be “the ONE VOICE of educators,” but the group also represents school employees (bus drivers, janitors, cafeteria workers), retired teachers, as well “student members.” According to think tank Civitas, NCAE has roughly 29K members and rakes in revenues of $8.3 million per year.

In April of 2020, Profitt and Tamika…

NCAE’s support of support of violent BLM protests disqualifies the group from weighing in on the Capitol Hill protests.

By Savannah Pointer with Sloan Rachmuth

NCAE Teachers arrested in 2019 protests courtesy of AP Dillion

The North Carolina Association of Educators (NCAE) is nothing if not consistent in their barefaced hypocracy. Last week, the far-left teachers group published a statement on their FaceBook page that read:

The violence and mayhem we are witnessing in Washington today is yet another symptom of the disease we have been fighting since before the founding of our nation: White Supremacy. These actions amount to nothing short of a domestic terrorist attack on our country and on our
very democracy.”

The statement, signed By NCAE president Tamika Walker Kelly goes on:

“Make no mistake…

Teachers unions like the NCAE and the Chicago Teachers Union are playing politics with children's education.

by Savanah Pointer

Last month, President Trump infuriated teachers groups with an executive order that mandated Federal education dollars follow the student as opposed to funding individual schools that remain closed during COVID lockdowns. The Whitehouse website outlined the executive order citing student’s “deprivation” of in-person learning in many states, such as Illinois, California, and North Carolina. The memo noted “undeniably dire consequences” of extended virtual learning for the children of this country.

While the order is a new option for parents of students whose lives have been put into shambles with school closures (with no end in sight), parents…

North Carolina State Board of Education member wants to criminalize white teachers and students.

By: Sloan Rachmuth

Perhaps not since the era of Eugene “Bull”Connor has there existed such a blatant campaign to stigmatize public school children and their parents because of the color of their skin.

During the COVID shutdown in the Tarheel State, school officials are creating an echo chamber to convince the public that white parents, along with their children, are the real pandemic facing the school system.

The effort is led from the top by James E. Ford, one of the 13 members sitting on the North Carolina State Board of Education. Ford helps to make policy and set the…

Sloan Rachmuth

All parents want to believe that when they drop their children off at school, they’re putting them in the care of trustworthy adults who strive to do what’s best for students. Anyone who chooses to delegate the education of their children to a school system has the right to expect that teachers and school administrators work, not just in the child’s best interest, but to respect and to work cooperatively with the parents of the children they serve.

Unfortunately, the teachers who align themselves with the North Carolina Association of Education (NCAE) teachers ‘union’ have not only put…

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