Why a North Carolina Teachers’ Group is Waging War Against Parents

By Savanah Hulsey-Pointer and Sloan Rachmuth

The Tarheel State’s largest teachers’ association is led by a high school history teacher called Bryan Proffitt. Sounds normal, except Proffitt is a “revolutionary” communist working for the Chinese-affiliated group Liberation Road.

Formed in 1970, the North Carolina Association of Educators (NCAE) claims to be “the ONE VOICE of educators,” but the group also represents school employees (bus drivers, janitors, cafeteria workers), retired teachers, as well “student members.” According to think tank Civitas, NCAE has roughly 29K members and rakes in revenues of $8.3 million per year.

In April of 2020, Profitt and Tamika Walker Kelly were elected by NCAE members to lead the group. Walker’s affiliation with the Marxist Black Lives Matter movement was explored in an article last week, but more serious is Proffitt’s close and ongoing membership in the controversial group Liberation Road.

NCAE leaders Kelly & Proffitt

Liberation Road’s “Unity Statement” requires its members to follow the teachings of Mao Zedong, leader of China’s failed cultural revolution called the Great Leap Forward. From 1958 to 1962, Mao’s policy killed up to 45 million, making him the biggest mass murderer on record.

As for Liberation Road, they are damn serious about overturning America’s democracy, warning they will “use any means necessary to bring about socialism” anywhere in the country.

Liberation Road

In a recent Epoch Times report titled “How and Why Pro-China Communists Took Over Durham, North Carolina,” Bryan Proffitt was pinpointed as the leader of Liberation Road’s campaign to infiltrate state institutions. The group targeted the South reportedly because of its high concentration of blacks and Hispanics which, coupled with a history of racial polarization, makes fertile frond for “revolution.”

NCAE’s Vice President Bryan Proffitt

So senior is Proffitt in the communist movement that he creates the white papers used to teach budding revolutionaries methods to steer communities towards Marxism. In his “Struggle Paper” that he wrote for Liberation Road, Proffitt instructs:

“Build a common project or campaign with folks who are in social movement organizations, community organizations, unions, schools, and revolutionary organizations. Base the project on local investigation of issues that folks can develop and work on together. We need more base-building, more mass movement. That’s how we create space for people to change their own realities.

Revolutionaries, together, have a big role to play here. Doing this kind of work with those that we haven’t before will help to build trust and lasting political relationships that can take us to a higher-level of struggle.”

Proffitt has followed his own instructions to great success. As a result, Liberation Road now controls North Carolina’s teacher’s union NCAE, they use it for a vehicle to recruit aspiring revolutionaries, while at the same they maintain an outsized influence in policy-making in the state’s public schools, making indoctrinating children a breeze.

There’s nothing genteel about Proffitt’s leadership style — it’s straight from Lenin’s 1917 Bolshevik playbook. In 2016, Proffitt and his NCAE cronies were arrested for resisting arrest after sitting in the middle of downtown streets in Raleigh as part of a protest.

NCAE’s Bryan Proffitt arrest

In 2017, Profitt sponsored a contest to select the best re-enactment of an Antifa protest from NCAE teachers. The winning video, filmed on public school property, showed 12 Durham teachers wrapped in yellow police tap acting out the tearing down and stomping of an imaginary statue. Proffitt said the video was posted on FaceBook as part of NCAE’s “morale builder” for educators across the state.

Credit: A.P. Dillon. School for Creative Studies teachers

There’s also nothing subtle about Proffitt’s brand of communism:

“I’m a revolutionary because I think that capitalism has to go. We can’t make a nicer, more diverse society without eliminating white supremacy. We’re not going to end violence against women until we end a system called patriarchy that says that men are more valuable than women, and that there are only two boxes of genders and that everybody has to fit into one or the other. We’re not going to reform that. To build a revolutionary party, we’re going to have to reform a lot of that stuff along the way.”

Proffitt sums up America’s problems this way:

“white supremacy, capitalism and heterosexism as being the real sources of violence.”

It is here, in these comments made in a 2008 interview with a UNC historian, that we understand the basis for the extreme rhetoric coming from Proffitt and his fellow NCAE comrades.

For months NCAE teachers have publicly smeared parents and children as “white supremacists” for wanting to return to in-person learning. Parents in Wake County who object to “non-binary” boys sharing locker rooms with their little girls have been branded as “haters” by the NCAE mob.

NCAE Charlotte Mecklenberg teacher

Wake County schools have become radical hotbeds, in part because of NCAE’s Christina Spears’ involvement in the Office of Equity Affairs (OEA), which provides “equity” programming for the district.

Thanks to Spears, students are instructed to denounce their “white privilege,” to become “color conscious,” and are encouraged to join protests.

Last month, while families were struggling with school closures brought on by NCAE; Wake County Schools provided resources to teach children about ways to “protect the lives of transgender people.”

Wake County Public School’s Transgender Campaign

NCAE leaders like Bryan Proffitt and Christina Spears are not pushing for education reform, rather they seek to overturn the foundation of North Carolina’s education system; to put group “identities” above individual rights, to prioritize ginning up racial hatred and intolerance, and to obliterate traditional families and moral culture.

Only pushback from parents and teachers of good conscience will stop NCAE agitators from cynically using children as tools in their political revolution.




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